Three Births, Three Children, My Path to Wholeness

As I waited for my first child’s birth, I expected to breeze through in the Birthing Centre, and was not prepared for what happened, and how disappointed I felt after the birth. I had such high expectations of myself that I never allowed myself to feel like a “real” or fully fledged mother (one who gave birth naturally).
My first child, Ciaron, was born in a delivery suite in hospital after a 28 hour labour with an epidural, and an emergency forceps delivery resulting in a third degree tear to the sphincter. Fortunately I bonded immediately to my baby and enjoyed breastfeeding Ciaron until he was 19 months old. The breastfeeding relationship I had with him became a source of great emotional healing for me as I slowly recovered from the birth.


The Birth of Kian Sean Williamson

My beautiful son Kian was born just before the end of 5 July 2005 after a labour and birth so fabulous that I wanted to do it again straight away.

Kian is my second child. Hannah, my 8 year old daughter, was born at home with the support of my partner Gary, two friends and my midwife Emma Baldock, during the hot, hot summer of 1998.


John's Birth

written by Margie

Kay was impatient to have her baby and didn’t anticipate having to wait until her due date, the 5th February. There were, however, lots of days it was not suitable; for example other people’s birthdays or James’ first day of high school and so on. I wondered when this birth would fit in and guessed it would have to make room for itself, just as the baby would need to fit in to an already existing, busy family life.


Dancing With Wolves - My Birthing Story

Now how does one describe what labour feels like to a man or a woman who has never experienced it? I pondered this question soon after giving birth to my second child Marika.

I had two completely opposite birthing experiences. I gave birth to my first child Annika by elective caesarean, before labour started, because she was a breech baby. With Marika, determined to have a different experience, I gave birth to her naturally, with no drugs.


Eilleen's birth story

“If you hear me even considering a vaginal birth, then please hit me over the head!”
That’s what I told everyone when I found out I was pregnant with our second child. I swore to myself that I was going to have an elective caesarean. You see, I had an emergency caesarean for the birth of my first child. The procedure was performed under a general anaesthetic and my fervent wish was to be awake for the birth of my second child. Test