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Caroline: birth of Leo August 2008

Ingrid was absolutely wonderful during all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. She was exceptional during labour, providing helpful and caring support in a way that enhanced Justin’s role and made me feel more comfortable and relaxed. The birth went completely to plan, was totally natural and wonderful which was made possible by the excellent support from Justin and Ingrid. Having two support people makes a huge difference, as does having a professional that knows what is normal and has tips and tools to ease and facilitate labour (those knee pads were fantastic). The support before the birth was really useful in getting to know Ingrid and feel comfortable with her, but also to know the various options and outcomes of birthing and to prepare for them. Ingrid’s support after the birth was invaluable, especially as Ingrid is also a lactation consultant and was able to provide really good advice and support during those early tricky weeks of breastfeeding (which is now completely comfortable and enjoyable and Leo is fattening up beautifully!).

A male partner's view on having a doula

“When my partner suggested we hire a Doula for our first child birth, I was not keen on the idea. I have 2 science degrees and felt that we simply didn’t need to go and add another spoke to wheel, our team was fine and we had done loads of research, so the answer was no. I am also a very cost conscious person and simply could not justify spending money we didn’t have to. It sounded too alternative to me.

Well, I have to say that I was proven totally incorrect. We discussed the doula idea, and I agreed to meet a doula and take it from there. We met Margie and the rest is history. We instantly were taken by her personality, profesionalism, and knowledge. The pre-birth process was great, we all had an understanding of what was going to happen.

During the birth, the help Margie gave us was fantastic. Our faith in her made the whole process much more relaxing that what I imagine it would have been like otherwise. Looking back, I am very glad we got Margie involved. My partner and I both appreciated her help greatly. Not only did she help us out a great deal, she has stayed in touch proving herself to be not only a fanstastic doula but a fantastic human being. As a bloke and as a parent, I strongly recommend having Margie in your birth team.”

A heartfelt thankyou

Dear Margie

It is hard to say in words what you have done for us being the doula at our baby’s birth. For me the birth of Dylan will replay in my mind forever as the most amazing, exquisitely raw, intimate, and empowering moments of my life.

Because of your reassuring presence, I managed to focus and keep fear from taking over during the intense and exhausting labour. you gave me the support I needed to fulfill my greatest wish, and Dan’s, that of a natural and active birth. To have a birthing experience that was as calm as possible for my child and to share his birth with my beloved partner Dan was made possible by your advocacy and wisdom, your intuitive and observant understanding of my labouring. I was so afraid that I would have medical intervention and a stressful and unhealthy experience for my baby. It is therefore natural that we feel we owe you so much and we will always be so grateful that you were available to be there for us.

Being a doula is clearly a calling as the monetary payment is not commensurate with the value of your work. It is truly a gift that you have given us.

Thank you Margie,for your generosity and dedication – your kind spirit and the knowledge that you have. Thank you for the hours of your time. We are so glad that we asked you to be part of our birthing experience. It was the most happy day of birth for our darling little boy, Dylan. A beautiful day.

much love

Lisa, Dan and baby Dylan

Some prenatal class participant comments

The most important part of the class series was feeling comfortable and heard and building confidence. Thanks Ingrid, I feel much more ready!

Thank you Ingrid. Being involved in your class was a very positive and rewarding experience. My perspective on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting is now much more positive and balanced and sharing all this in a small group was wonderful. You played a key role in making us comfortable and open to new ideas and becoming friendly with each other. The classes are well-worth doing.

For me the most important part of the class was learning that the birth can be much more positive; relaxing and letting things happen naturally—trust your body and how it works. It was good to discuss things with other pregnant people. The way the group was run helped us to bond and be comfortable to ask questions.

I’ve gained knowledge and reassurance to alleviate worry and fear, particularly regarding labour. It was a very positive and supportive environment.

A doula client, Carla

As a first time Mum-to-be, I had the usual apprehensions about childbirth which mostly stemmed from a fear of the unknown and how I would cope. Deciding to invite Ingrid to share in our experience was the best decision we could have made. Over the course of my pregnancy, we established a relationship where Ingrid became our confidante and friend.

As the months passed, Ingrid helped me to gain confidence in my body and to trust my baby and my natural instincts. She encouraged me to work through any fears I had, which enabled me to actually look forward to the birth. When I went into labour on Christmas Day, Ingrid put aside her roast turkey for me and helped us at home until I decided that I would feel more comfortable if I was to transfer to the birth centre. Ingrid accompanied us and made sure that my birth wishes were known and carried out. Her presence was peaceful and unobtrusive but comfortingly close.

For the birth itself, Ingrid was able to encourage me in my choices and help my partner know what to expect. It was helpful for me to know that my partner had someone to “look out for him” so I could let that go and concentrate fully on my role to deliver the baby! It was the exact birth I had yearned for with no pain relief and a considerably easier delivery than I had expected. Over the next few days Ingrid helped me establish breastfeeding and visited us in our home a few times to ensure all was well. She was always just at the end of the phone.

Most special to me was that Ingrid put me at the centre of my own experience, and it was such a great one that I’m going back for more with a new baby due in a few months. My fear has been eliminated and this time, I’m delivering at home!

If you’re considering using Ingrid as your Doula, I can highly recommend you do it. It will be a decision you won’t regret.

A doula client, Erica

“Margie was wonderful during the birth. I would strongly recommend Margie’s services to anyone who is wishing for a natural birth, and especially to anyone attempting a VBAC in the hospital. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a support person who is experienced. She has a vast repertoire of techniques to draw upon. Margie took the time to get to know me during many visits before the birth so she was able to support me during the birth in a very personal way. This was the key to giving birth according to my plan. I found her rates extremely reasonable, even though I believe the success of my birth is truly priceless.”