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Birth and parent education

We believe that a woman (or couple) is able to achieve greater control and choice in the experience of birth and early parenting with an wholistic approach to preparing for the baby. This leads to a more positive outlook regardless of the the challenges which may be encountered along the way.

Women and men can gain confidence about childbirth and early parenting through education on the physiology of birth and self help measures but also through exploration of their own beliefs and emotions. These important issues are covered in our prenatal childbirth education.

New Lives prenatal classes give you

  • small, informal, participatory classes
  • an environment where you can discuss issues that are important to you about pregnancy, the birth process and the period immediately following birth
  • information and experiences to help you to feel positive about your ability to give birth
  • resources and information so that you can make informed decisions
  • the opportunity to meet and get to know other prospective parents

Doula birth support

Studies have shown that the presence of a caring support person (doula) protects the natural process of birth, decreasing labour time and reducing the level of intervention.

Our support includes

  • regular contact during pregnancy to get to know each other and share your hopes and fears and plans about the birth
  • physical and emotional support and advocacy throughout your labour and birth wherever you choose to be — hospital, birth centre or home
  • continued contact and support for the first month after the baby’s birth
  • back-up support person if you wish

Postnatal support

We also offer individual post natal support services.

This could include

  • Opportunity to talk about your issues or worries
  • Practical support & advice
  • Childcare
  • Providing information and knowledge of resources

Birth options and birth debriefing

A birth options consultation can help women clarify their own ideas and wishes about birth and explain local options available. It’s a great start to making sure you look after your own and your baby’s best interests.

Birth may not go according to ‘plan’ or meet your dream expectations. Talking through your experience, making sense of things which happened, can help if you are feeling hurt or traumatised by your child’s birth.